how often are the episodes

i don’t think it’s a particularly high stress activity,
but i understand if you can’t participate. i’ll take a breath and

explain to you that there might be complications resulting from your silence.

if you don’t remember that screaming between the refrigerator
and the pantry can be, at times, a little overwhelming, i understand.

         so screaming, i understand.

if you don’t want to kiss me, if you don’t want kisses, if you
aren’t into that kind of thing,
         you know, i get it.
and i’ll keep my kisses and i’ll keep yours too.

lucid, you can roll your big ears towards mine and sweet talk your way to ass but
after breakfast cereal, you can’t fool me into it again. i’ll use your words.

i’m using them now.

         it’s okay, if you’re not into it, i understand. you
         know, if being with me is not what you want, i
         understand, it’s okay, i’m not offended.

March 2007