heroes & villans

I don’t want you to play the villain in my story
please, I’ve already fired the first man for hero,
can you live up to this role?

you’ll have lines like before:
“I got you these, I know you love them,”
and, “when you look at me, I melt.”

you know, they are better, longer lines
than “it is what it is,” and
“this isn’t working.”

maybe instead of revisiting old lines
we can write some new ones,
you can start with the ones that are
most recent and build upon them, like
“it’s not like I stopped liking you,”

maybe you can say something more
like a man, like a hero, and
fully realize that notion, our notions

I know the audience appreciates a good drama
but, more than this, we all want love to win.

December, 2015