I don’t want a serious relationship

I am tunnel visioned and in a strange room
there is a painting of a hound, howling
I think about how our skin ought to touch

without boundaries or inhibitions or rules
how that is something we want, how
we must keep mystery individually but right now

I want to mount you in this room
and allow your eyes into mine with amazement
I want to practice my kriya upon you and

draw the energy from the earth through
the place our nothingness meets
to pull light through our spines and see double

for us, I want you on this couch in this room
where young people intend to revolutionize sex and
it made me want you in the moments where you

spread my legs on each of your shoulders and bend
my knees and grasp my ankles and put your mouth
on my calf and you watch me touch myself and I

I almost always almost squirt and I think about
how it’s got the same quality as a lot of things,
it’s under promising and over promising, at the same time

December 11, 2014