Turkey Day

you are so patient in removing the
layers of dust from me
since your first contact I have found
my intuition sharpened and I have
found space for the richness you hand me

it is a honor to receive your easy gifts and
use your space to explore myself
you have taught me I can trust others and
be thankful for their individual contributions

you gift me so many rich days
where all feels right in the world like
when I am at my ends and
feeling not quite human and
you bring my day together in a way
that couldn’t ever be planned

and with your instantaneous joy moments,
you teach me the art of accepting
others’ competence and the grace of
accepting help where it is offered

I know sometimes you keep telling me
things are impossible but it’s always the
things that don’t really matter and
in finding some other solution I always
find a solution for my real problem

and I know sometimes you keep me
from conveniences but who doesn’t
want a little challenge in life, so
thank you for allowing me to vibrate
at the same frequency you do, Barcelona,

thank you for removing the layers of dust
from the less used parts of me and
for keeping me up late at night and
thank you for the perpetual resaca,
I know it’s simply the movement of your sea

Thanksgiving 2014